It can take as little as six months of concentrated violet-flame decrees to balance the karma of one past life. For our ancestors, fire must have seemed magical: it brought us together, encouraged us to share stories, reflect, and enter deep meditative silence. I am taking the challenge this is my day 1. To begin Violet Flame Meditation you can start with something simple like, "I AM a Violet Flame of love and forgiveness.". Those who have pure emerald green within the aura are healers, and through them and through their chakras flow the healing currents of the Elohim and of the cosmos. I am so very happy for you! Doing the Decrees is working your Throat Chakra so it may have just brought it up to the surface faster than if you did no decrees. I particularly love the devotional one Violet Flame Thy Love Divine. We can make the crucial difference in world events. Thank you so much for adding this great scientific and Aquarian teaching on why we need protection. Raise your vibration from fear to love and slowly your body will heal on its own. Now that I am reading and learning more about energy works this experience came back to my mind and this is the reason I am sharing it with you all. Violet light in the aura, then, denotes that the soul is free to commune with God. You'll find that if you decree first thing in the morning, your day will go much smoother. Also on my search I read articles about awakening and that added fear As you practice directing the violet flame to help others, you can begin to think of your aura as a violet-flame fountain where all whom you meet can come and drink. My body is still covered over to some degree, but I go into the Sacred Fire and meditations daily. Keep it up, it just gets better! Read More. You may begin with a few, slow deep breaths before invoking the light with the violet flame decree. It can extend from beneath your feet to well over the top of your head. Coalossal. I took Christie Sheldons INtuitive Course and can clear peoples subconscious imprints that are still affecting them today and during the course cleared a lot of my own remaining baggage. Kriya yoga too does transmute Karma in the tree of light just maybe not as strongly as the violet flame. The electric blue color that flashes in the aura of Archangel Michael and the devotees of the will of God denotes the presence of purity and power and the alignment of the inner blueprint with the cosmic blueprint of the will of God. Many refer to this energy as negative karma. As I mentioned ,I think I went to hard to fast with decrees MOTHER and decrees have put me on the right path. It's important not to feel burdened by the negative record of a past life. Be Inspired. )the negative energy attacks are now less severe. The trek to the top of the mountain is worth the inconvenience.-EM. It transmutes the negative energy into positive, revitalizes & restores your energy field. The violet flame transmutes and consumes your past sins and. Thats it! I will try some throat Chakra meditations and also see if they help. The preamble to a decree is like an invitation. The I AM Presence is our permanent, perfect God Presence. This secret wisdom was not given to the public for many long ages. The Violet Flame is a high-frequency spiritual light with the power to transmute negative karma, transmuting and dissolving the negative conditions that affect us. But the public only got to know about this sacred fire healing earlier this century. Here is one to do: I pour love, praise, and gratitude all around! Aletheia is a prolific psychospiritual writer, author, educator, and guide whose work has touched the lives of millions worldwide. It starts out chugchug and pretty soon it's going chug-a-chug-a and then chug-chug-chug-chug! The faster it goes, the greater the action. My intuition gets richer. On your altar you can put candles, crystals, flowers and photographs of saints, Ascended Masters and your loved ones. Brilliantly done! Visualize a tube of Light over you and the blue of Gods will and protection around you and your family. Knowing about the violet flame and feeling the energy of the violet flame are two different things. It should feel natural to you; the decree should almost speed itself up. Scarlet. Does Kuthumi teach that the aura is an extension of the self. Last year I did Christie Sheldons Intuition Course and learned how to use the pendulum answering questions and also clearing and transmuting my subconscious bank of false beliefs. Keep in mind that when working with the violet flame, there are decrees (or mantras) which are repeated. I felt that they knew more than I did. I stopped doing everythingand yet the numbers appear. I wanted to let you know that Mark Prophet who taught about the violet transmuting flame since 1958 also studied Kriya Yoga with Yogananda. The trembling voice was not the same person who was in the room with me. I may have notice a few changes in others for the good doing these decrees. Invoking spiritual energy through the use of dynamic decrees, visualization and divine feeling is also a great key that I would not overlook. I was in my home cleaning, as I moved to my kitchen and was busy cleaning I felt a presence and when I turned I saw a man sitting on a chair smiling at me. The Violet flame is the powerful symbol of the spiritual fire of self-transformation. Hi I started using Violet flame last year. Well there was a reason for the tightness in ribcage, and yes it was the decrees, and it has something to do with the Holy Spirit doing something to my lungs and also a very nice expansion in my heart chakra that I notice in September 2019. Endow each word with intense love for God. Heaven has a just in time delivery system. We face intense challenges so we are given the miracle of the violet flame to help us transmute the past and to create a new world. These The violet flame is also been used to protect our house and pets against the negative energies, and the results are fabulous. It comes as blessings, it comes as lessons for us to learn to do better, and as opportunity to make things right. I had a lot of stuff going on in my life, previous injuries, to back and neck. Then I got scared why is this happening? Hi Claudette, In fact, this type of fire goes back to biblical times. Each time you transmute the records of a past life with the violet flame, you gain a new sense of your soul's liberation. I get better sleep too. Question: as I understand transformation and transmutation are somewhat different Transmutation is connected with the DNA .clarify and explain.. thank you.. Hi Audrey, It also contains Adamantine Particles of Love/Light which are offered as a gift, a Divine dispensation; however, they must be activated by the frequencies of a loving, compassionate heart. It teaches us to be more loving, compassionate and forgiving when theres hatred. Allow for the Freedom to come to the elemental kingdom. Be Inspired. I thank you and I accept it done this hour in full power, according to the will of God. I went through this process starting at age of 45 when my appendix ruptured then digestive issues, and now joint lower back, knee pain and ribcage tightness. This will gently open your heart center. Your karma that is the record of and the penalty for sin. Why did I do, what did I start ? Please do help me. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not and also is not always friendly to the light. Every time you think of it, you are reinforcing this image. lol, Thank you. Is the Violet Flame Dangerous? I have read your books and followed this path for years., Yes, I would love to stay # is: 705-515-1000 Previously, only those in the spiritual retreats knew of the violet flame. help me! Receive a daily email with inspiring quotes from the masters and archangels of the seventh ray! i am so calm, stress free, my blood pressure is more stable now. Join the oncoming wave of Spiritual Light as the violet flame sweeps across the planet. Feeling lost, confused, or alone? The highly flammable phosphorus-based compounds have been found in human and animal faeces, but in tiny quantities. The Ascended Master Saint Germain is calling you as a fellow spiritual alchemist to fan the flame of joy, transmutation, mercy and resolution. Continue repeating this breathwork until the sun has grown so big, it is a sphere of white flames that surrounds your whole body, above your head and below your feet, and extends at least three or more feet away from you. The Violet Consuming Flame GOD'S PURIFYING FLAME OF DIVINE LOVE By Its use, any human being can Free himself or herself from his or her own human discord and imperfection of the past and present. I also asked if the violet flame can heal it got no only Divine Mother can heal it? The ascended master called Saint Germain had released his teachings about the power of violet energy. Thank you for this, the mantra really hit the spot for me! When the time came, the Master Saint Germain again revealed the teachings on the Violet Flame to mankind. There could be a burst of fear from the solar plexus, accompanied by feelings of butterflies and extreme tension. Was the energy positive, peaceful and loving? But both together definitely a plus. My pendulum is saying no to the invoker and yes to be an ascended master! Thank you for response. It helps us realize we have the power to change the way we see things. It is definitely safe to harness the power of this healing method yourself. This transmutation process is symbolic of the alchemy of self-transformation through violet flame meditation and healing. Just clarifying that I do not have any mental health issues but I do feel that this have a spiritual significance. If youve ever seen a popular depiction of an alchemist, witch or magi, theres often a concoction being mixed up in a fire, with the flame turning into a violet color when the potion is successful. So yes I had some stress but I personally thought I was relaxed. Everyone needs to do this individually and collectively as you . Not sure what it means or how yo use I was just meditating and it found me? Thank you. They tumble and bounce and then disappear in a puff of white smoke. Saint Germain was the master alchemist of the violet flame who revealed its healing potential to mankind. Jesus asked us to pray, Thy Kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. By the law of the circle, the law of karma, that energy will return to us. Paula. ~good Vibes~ Last one on appearances and your I AM Christ self will show you your appearance for you to through in the violet flame for purification because you have claimed you are on a spiritual journey. For eighty years, Saint Germain and the Masters have been preparing the world to enter into the Age of Aquarius, the spiritual era when peace, enlightenment and freedom become more possible. I recognize that these messages are coming from beings of light because of my guru Yoganandas wisdom that is in me now. From child to death we are all being imprinted by others and our environment as to what we belief. Mark Prophet used to compare this acceleration to a train. Try saying to your body when you have an ache You are nothing, you are nothing, stand down you have no power. For sure get things checked out but do not let your attention keep on the problem as energy flows where your attention goes and makes things worse! I am sure I will in the future be working with St. Germain in some way and possibly writing a book together as I have an incredible spiritual journey to tell. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); I really like the visual meditation. A few of the classic books by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Violet Flame, Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul and Prophesy for a New Millennium, are available for free on this site to help you accelerate your spiritual path. What can one person do in the face of political turmoil, economic challenge, terrorism and even weather extremes? This is because blue is associated with calmness, which is very useful in a hectic environment! Ive been referring to this as my spirit self because it was in my shape and once it was outside of my body I visualized it being cleansed and taking in more positive energy. Sin is known in the East as "karma". If you dont already have a sacred space that you dedicate for meditation, yoga or other exercises, find a place where you wont be disturbed, and sit comfortably with your back and head erect and your legs and arms uncrossed. The violet flame is very powerful and transmutes all negativity and transgressions that you may have in this lifetime or past lifetimes. The Theosophists believe that human beings go through different spiritual development levels as they reincarnate. We are also impacting the world by who we are and what we believe, what we are choosing to be, or not to be. I am all about doing more than 100% as I am tired of duality and limitations so if you want to go fast go fast as fast is my preferred method! The increase in speed should not be artificial. Yes, but he also teaches that the tone of the divine aura is an extension of God, just as the mode of thinking and feeling is the extension of the human consciousness. Much like our spiritual paths, fire can be dangerous, but also an agent of change and rebirth in a new form. Apologies for late response! Ever walk into a room where people are, The Wonderman of Europe Father of World Freedom and the Aquarian Age The idea of the Spiritual Brotherhood, The Call Compels the Answer! In a sudden emergency, such as a fire or a calamity within the household, the quietness of the aura would be disturbed. I have been using the violet flame for years and I also use the Christ spirit. I am looking forward to see the power of the violet flame over the next coming months and years not just in me but my familty and world. Some of you have seen where there have been a number of threads so great as to not even be possible of counting, and these threads of violet flame, almost as a gossamer veil, have gone directly to hearts all over the planetYou can in fifteen minutes a day of giving violet flame decrees have me with you; and in my presence with you, you can deliver a momentum of violet flame to many souls upon the planet. (Saint Germain, 7-4-91). I Stand up to the world of appearances: Before, I could not see; now I see. We get spiritual experiences because of our spiritual work and connection to the Presence. Yes you may be quite vocal but are you vocal in the divine right way??? Color has been known for centuries as a powerful tool to prepare our states of mind, change our moods, emotions, and feelings. Our connection to them is through our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. The violet flame does not simply surround and remove debris; it transforms it into pure light energy. The name of God, I AM That I AM, as taught to Moses, is the key to manifestation. To help you establish a sense of oneness with life and make yourself receptive, begin reciting a mantra. Thanks so much! Listen to your Souls calling. Then my head started to feel funny, like I had a hat on.but I didnt. The Great Brotherhood of spiritual adepts foresaw that this challenging time on earth required a spiritual miracle. The Violet Flame is the spiritual flame of the Holy Spirit that can be used for the transmutation of lower vibratory patterns. . When we let the divine light in, we accept things as they are and look at our mistakes as lessons. Archangel Michael for your spiritual protection. Having followed the masters and using the violet flame for many years, I can tell you without equivocation it is miraculous. They are only too happy to help us clean up both our auras and the planet with the violet flame. It is like a cosmic eraser that erases the effects, the memory, and the cause of sin in our lives. . Think of it: If you can set free energy that was locked in place by a negative thought or feeling, are you not going back and changing the past? Always rememberthat those who fall in the swamp may come up covered with mud; for the quicksands of life, by their very nature, always seek to drag man down. And please feel free to check out these free online lessons: On contact with the violet flame, this dense substance is cleansed, purified, and restored to its native purity. Sounds like a deep and interesting dream. The violet flame is a symbolic name that is given to the transformative abilities of spiritual energy. Imagine the memory being saturated with the violet flame until the form disappears. These books are Unveiled Mysteries and the Magic Presence by Godfre Ray King ( Guy Ballard) These concepts are truly revolutionary. The base-of-the-spine chakra, the Mother center, gives forth the pure white light when its energies are held in the purity of Alpha and OmegaAlpha and Omega being symbolical of the divine polarity of the masculine and feminine energies that are concentrated in each chakra. I am confident, youve a great readers base already! Yesterday I was at a energy expo and someone mentioned that from behind she thought I was someone else because she could see violet in my aura. I live in the Tampa Bay area. A poweful and effective affirmation when you experience a negative thought .I AM invoking the violet flame to transmute anything less than Love and Light f. The Violet Planet Main article: Violet Planet The evolutions of the Violet Planet have served the violet flame for aeons and use the violet flame to tend to all the needs of daily lifeto clean their homes, to care for and purify the planet, and even to wash and bathe in. All rights to their use are reserved. Although this is a theoretically possible explanation for spontaneous human. You are affirming that "God is where I AM and I AM that God in manifestation and God in me is right now manifesting the violet flame.". By transforming negative thoughts and feelings,. Too much too fast? It causes hormonal imbalance and weakens our immune system. Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "afc02ac9727f082dcfe53fe949a28030" );document.getElementById("fa5933c6d6").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Our mission is to share the Teachings of the Ascended Masters on the Violet Flame to create positive changes in the lives of people, in their communities and the planet. with love and memories, Paula. You can work on relationships with your friends and loved ones. We can treat illnesses with proper medical care, but spiritual energy also helps balance our physical, mental, and emotional health. Those who have green in the aura are devoted to science and to the practical application of that science. Luna & Sol Pty Ltd 2012 - 2023 You will not spill the cup as soon as it is filled and fail to make any permanent progress on the path of discipleship. Is that all he did just stared at you and smiled? So by removing calcified emotional debris and other substances, the violet flame may allow our bodies to reconnect with their natural healing mechanism. It cleansed and centered my spiritual energy (: Hello R the violet flame and your I AM Presence that you are now reconnecting with through the decrees and visualizing the Tube of Light will bring to your attention the blockages of energy in your body that you have created by your thoughts, emotions (not pure feelings), and experiences, beliefs, attitudes, etc. All you need is a peaceful and quiet place to say some prayers to invoke the light. It aims to change the metal (which represents negative human energy) to gold (which signifies positive divine energy). I then visualized it reuniting with my physical body. Hi Paula thanks for sharing that Mark Prophet also studied the Kriya Yoga technique! Since we qualify the energy that Universe gives us with every heartbeat, most likely some of it is not qualified in the best way. I did enjoy using VF , but do you think it caused all that tightness in my neck? I believe the Master, and violet ray which is an intelligent energy, were connecting with you in a powerful way. I said it might be Michael and I checked my pendulum later it said yes! So my life now is all about service and reaching the higher states first the Christ then the Cosmic Union with God the Father State. When you become aware of it, the karma (positive and negative) of that life comes to the surface. and Fear is a Human Trait not an your I AM Presence, the Angels, or the Ascended Masters. When I do these decrees for an hour I do feel blissful tingly all over! While youre visualizing your violet flame and repeating your decree, hold your hands up in front of you with your palms facing outwards as if the problem were in front of you. I look forward to hearing from you! Every moment, we decide whether to put a positive or negative spin on it. I was enjoying my morning decrees. If the records are painfuland they usually are because your soul is crying out for resolutionyou may feel sadness or regret. Violet flame is an absolut must do for each an everyone. So great to hear from you. Saturate yourself and your loved ones in the energy of the violet flame and watch your world change. I think you will appreciate the teachings that will come to you each day for thirty days. You can add the violet flame to your daily prayers or meditations, whatever they are. But when you close your eyes and concentrate on the energy center between your eyebrows, you can sometimes see the violet flame at work with your inner eye. My pendulum says its a Heart Expansion issue and tied to the Merkaba activation of some kind. Violet flame decrees are an all-consuming spiritual fire. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. I was wondering if you had any advice. Feel the joy of freedom as the old dense energies are swept clear. Access the Free Lessons of Your Choice Now Color is a manifestation of frequency, and frequency is a manifestation of consciousness, or one's state of consciousness. I saw a being fly into or through or by my third eye while interiorized and I asked my pendulum if it was St. Germain and got a yes! She also could see a tall fellow behind me. So you still have blockages there and they are emotionally and spiritually based and the Chiropractor is not the doctor to clear those items only your Beloved I AM Presence and you! During his first revelations about the Violet Flame, Saint Germain has said The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet. (The Voice of the I AM January 1941 p. 20). The first time you give a decree, you will want to repeat it slowly and deliberately. Here is a preamble that you can use and add to: In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to beloved Saint Germain and the angels of the seventh ray. I was guided to set up a Foundation for Higher Spiritual Learning in 2013 in Elmvale, Onwhere I AM Presence , Clare Prophet books are sold and classed are held the last 3 Tues. from 6:30 8:30 @ Be-Still Bridge of Light Bookstore, 6 Queen St. W. Elmvle, On 705-515-1000. Did you feel positive energy from this person in the dream? The violet flame works in microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds and is the key to individual and world transmutation. It also denotes mastery of the throat chakra in the spoken Word. I thought it was an awakening. As you increase the speed of your decrees, you will find that they are more effective in raising your vibration. Only one cause and that cause is LOVE the secret tone! Bathe the earth in violet fire. . Not only that, but the color violetstimulates our openness to divine wisdom, promotes selflessness and speeds up our natural healing process. Watch as this small spark gently grows and spreads over the white flames, slowly transforming the white light into a dazzling sun of violet flames. Like Lord Ganesh removes the obstacles in our way to perfection! Paula. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector do not notice this. Try different words, always starting with I AM the Violet Flame to create your own decrees and find whichever provides you the most healing. Thank you for your wonderful letter and heart. with love, Paula. Thank you God for giving me this golden opportunity to play my role as a light bearer! The flames rise and pulsate around you in different shades of purple, pink and violet. In fact, simply repeating a violet-flame mantra anytime you feel tense, tired or irritated can make the difference. The Healing Power of the Color Violet Please email back, Like they were more experienced. Repeat your mantra as many times as you feel is necessary for your mind to find stillness and serenity. He put a jar of silver in one hand. At this very moment, I am holding Gaia in . I have had 3 experiences with St. Germain visiting me: while interiorized a being flew by or into my third eye area, while interiorized lying down for an hour doing decrees I heard inside me Thank You, and one time while meditating I saw a ethereal face come to me at my third eye. The reason for this is that it creates the space necessary for healing any soul blockages we carry, and it makes use of two important tools: the healing properties of color and sound. And he wanted me to resist. I think it would help you to read the initial books in which the teachings on the violet transmuting flame and also on each ones individual divine presence were first introduced to seekers. But you will get the greatest benefit from the violet flame if you set aside at least fifteen minutes a day to decree without interruption. Was the man in human form or a vision? My I AM Presence is moving my pendulum as someone said she saw white light go into my Crown when I asked a question. Even though I just started my pendulum says my violet flame was already active via Yoganandas Kriya Yoga Science which is very devotional with Divine Mother! And to go see specific Chiropractor. help me! As the Archangel of the first ray, Archangel Michael embodies the qualities of faith, protection, perfection and the will of God. I have used violet flame with little knowledge about it. The first step to healing is your desire to do so~~ The color violet-ray has the highest vibrational frequencies that stimulate spiritual growth and has ties to transformation. [Read More]. As described in Exodus 3:2 KJV in the story of Moses and the burning bush: And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed., This fire does not burn, its no ordinary fire, it is a spiritual fire of self-transformation that some people refer to as the the violet flame.. This post may contain affiliate links. If everything is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, then each color carries its own wavelength and specific properties. If you are just beginning to study and practice the violet flame, there is a 30 day introductory series called the Violet Flame Challenge on this site: Take the Violet Flame Challenge. This new song is one of a new vibration and spiritual energy the world has not seen for a long time. . with no assistance. We recognize their continued connection to the land and waters of this beautiful place and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty. It helps us to be brave when theres fear. I almost didnt, because I been so many times. The fear only made my symptoms worse. See yourself surrounded by a violet-flame pillar about six feet in diameter and about nine feet high. "I AM a ray of God on the seventh ray, I AM saturated with the violet light, my . Around this violet-flame pillar, you can see your tube of light, an even bigger pillar of white light that protects and seals the violet flame. The violet flame is for those who yearn to break out of their negative family patterns; to free themselves and others from the ups and downs of human emotions; to heal wounds of the body, mind, and heart; and finally shake off the karmic chains of the past. You never know when on that pathway you will meet your mentor Saint Germain face-to-face. 3. I dont know what my throat Chakra would want me to say as Im quite vocallol Copyright 2023 Summit Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. excellent post, very informative. People have different experiences when they use violet-flame decrees. In fact, simply repeating a violet-flame mantra anytime you feel tense, tired or irritated can make the difference. He gave advanced teaching and initiations through the Prophets on the Violet Flame and its practice that are foundational to the spiritual path in Aquarius. You may see these flames burning through karmic debris. As a survivor of fundamentalist religious abuse, her mission is to help others find love, strength, and inner light in even the darkest places. The most dangerous flame would be the most toxic. My experience is so wonderful. Slowly recite: I AM a being of violet fire! That means, it has the greatest ability to change matter at the atomic level.. Instead, focus your attention on the light in your heart. I was enjoying it. He then told me I had energy blockages in my neck. Enter into the 30 Day Violet Flame Challenge! Violet Flame Meditation - Instant Energy Shift! I cant say I notice a difference because I am already highly vibrating because of the Kriya Yoga which is a powerful prana yama technique and another technique to listen to the Om sound within which I hear from that technique all the time now. Anger indicates that youve become your story.fear indicates that you are living in the future. Now that your physical energy and conscious awareness are centered, you will begin transforming this white light into a violet flame.

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