The first main gimmick of this incursion. The air lanes have slightly increased numbers and only a single random enemy type as compared to the Expedition version of this map. The Prime Incursions are divided into seven groups with each group getting harder than the last. On Wave 2, repeat the exact same process until you lower his health by another third, to end that wave. The shield is not affected by traps, auras or nodes though. If the Health Pool is reduced to 0, the Sub Objective is destroyed. Check. (2.7) - Added a DPS Apprentice Guide, and will update with a Tank Squire setup as soon as I can get valid information or level one up soon! Dreadbones will vanish. On Wave 5, you will often face 3 random miniboss spawns, Trikk regenerating, Maldonis the Dark, and possibly one or more Sniper Warbleeds. - 87% of the 91 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. You can even put up a barricade/tower in front of him, and just keep healing the defense, instead of fighting him. (In the Order of - Skeleton Apprentice, Skeleton Squire, Skeleton Huntress & Skeleton Monk.). Daily Mission - Those Without Faces. This process will continue until you lower his health by a total of one third of his total health. Some are near-harmless and will be easy to deal with while others may require a certain degree of wariness. All rights reserved. Sign up for a new account in our community. He is the only miniboss that will spawn on this incursion on all waves. Once you touch a lava ball, it will vanish and you will see a lava ball debuff icon on your screen, and the hero will have a red glow to them. Once Mr. SKWISH'N SMASH and all spawned enemies are defeated, you have won this incursion. With tornado Stance active, Staggering Shout and Whirlwind will slow. A Life Counter is shown in the center of the screen at all times so that you know how many lives you have left. Stop him by loading the catapult with burning stones that drop from his army of Lava Guardians. Daily Mission - Spa Day. Some of the old maps can be accessible at higher levels with elevated difficulties. Contest Map with 2+2(buff) Cores, a very special Wave Setup and great Item Rewards! Be careful not to stand in a corner or next to a ledge when they find and attack you, as they can push you over the side or you can get trapped in a corner. On Wave 3, you must then get his health to zero to end the wave and win the stage. Challenge Collection - A Dreadly Encounter. The Bastille Master has taken hold of the Buried Bastille. At 108 Ascension you have maxed defence speed and defence crit chance on your apprentice and dumped rest into flamethrower damage centre and flamethrower crit damage right? (See the pictures to the right and below for the locations.) Alchemical Labratory . These units have very long range and target towers and barricades. I rem back in DD1 there were lots of map builds posted around for people who just wanted proven builds until thy could invent their own. Barricades on each lane are highly recommended while your AOE defenses whittle down their HP, but place them back as far as you can. The Demon Lord will always fall over in the same location, and he can be damaged the Hero as well as by any defenses you build that are within range. Dungeon Defenders II is set in the fictional world of Etheria. In Turtle Stance the Barbarian has reduced attack speed and less mobility but takes less damage and is immune to crowd control. The supporting heroes should give all mana to the builder each round. Each level plays different then the last with new and exciting challenges! They are also susceptible to stun attacks, so after they latch on, just stand in front of or near any defense that stuns to remove them. This is where you'll spend any time not in battle to sell, buy, manage, trade, tinker and test any gear you've found in combat. There are no air lanes for Waves 1 and 2, and then both air lanes are active for Waves 3-5. Cyborks will target auras, nodes, and traps but do not target towers. To cleanse a knight, you must set all four altars to the same color as the knight you want to cleanse. I can sometimes so siphon site but not consistently. Daily Mission - Wizard from the Moon. When you begin Wave 1 you will have infinite building time. The Demon Lord threatens to erupt the Embermount Volcano! Defeated Dark Realm Statue pillars will be shown as broken in half afterwards. There is no requirement to remove any marks apart from the fact that it will make playing the stage easier. Some of these incursions have a boss fight at the end. Frost units are all immune to slow and freeze effects, as well as bubble and petrify attacks. This boss has two phases -. When playing these maps your Hero Deck will be altered for the Tutorial. Sub Objectives have the highest target priority for the. Im currently grinding C3 and C4 to gild shards. Recommended is unholy cata but I dont like building on it. While you cannot damage then, you can still attack them and all crowd control effects will work. Dungeon Defenders II is a cooperative Action Tower Defense game packed with roleplaying elements like loot, leveling, and pets. If the Dark Realm Statue is not defeated during the ritual, it will vanish and any heroes inside the altar area will be killed instantly, no matter your defense or health level. Daily Mission - Bling's Demise. The Chrome mutator means that no crowd control effects will work. The trouble could be that builds from end game geared people would definitely not work for those geared at that current tier. Main Objectives can be identified by the spinning red trimmed yellow shield above them. Once there, they attack the crystal doing 500 points of damage a second, which is a relatively small amount. In the West center of the map there is a raised rectangular area with a coffin in the middle of it surrounded by 4 pillars. Hold the line or all is lost! If the defense disappears due to the timer, you will not get any mana from it. Onslaught is one of the gamemodes in Dungeon Defenders 2, which features stronger enemies as you progress. The Campaign introduces the player to Dungeon Defenders 2. This timer continuously counts down from that point forward, and includes all of the following build and combat phases until the stage is over. This is the Altar and the pillars are each hiding a Dark Realm Statue miniboss. Slow, Stun, and Freeze can be applied and will have an effect. They do not harm any defenses or heroes. Free Download to Xbox 360 The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 4. Save the baths from their frosty rampage! Challenge Collection - Surge Protector. I have the gear I think to be able to do C2 (have picked up some c3 stuff and c2 from pub matches), but I think my builds might be the issue. A stage mechanic has been added to this incursion so that you can remove Death Marks. Main Objectives are fixed for each map and wont change. Level 1 - 3. Barricades on each lane are highly recommended while your AOE defenses whittle down their HP. A new indie development studio comprised of a team of developers passionate about the Dungeon Prime Incursions are the next tier of Incursions after Chaos VII Incursions. Dreadbones on any wave. This is where you'll spend any time not in battle to sell, buy, manage, trade, tinker and test any gear you've found in combat. Dark Assassins can be instantly removed by Huntress Geyser Traps and Mystic Viper Fangs. On Wave 2, 4 Altar Assassins will spawn. Dreadbones. Help defend the crystal before the horde army manages to destroy it, releasing the chaotic power within. The lava balls the Demon Lord throws do not end up as debuffs on the ground in any way. Most Incursion weapons have a chance to drop in the victory chest on the Incursion map that unlocked it, each time it is played. Having a high hero HP value is also advantageous to surviving their attacks. Touching the Subcore with your hero will gain you a sparkling golden glow debuff around your hero, known as the Holy Aura. Don't forget to defend the air lanes as well. The first 3 maps in Normal mode serve as the Tutorial for the game. Campaign is the default, standard and foundational game mode of Dungeon Defenders . A white exclamation mark will be shown above the area each will spawn from, but will vanish once it actually spawns, and no icon showing their location will exist after that apart from a regular enemy on the minimap. Dreadbones. I'd be more than happy to pop on with you and see what you build and offer any advice. Keep in mind that the Horde lane moves, so don't overbuild on only one lane. The Deeper Well. Greystone Plaza. Any help with where to look would be great I already know which towers are working just not placement on some maps. This attack will hurt your towers and the crystal, so be mindful of where you are standing, and be prepared to dodge. dizzydiana, June 4, 2017 in Players Helping Players. Normally a bustling center of trade, the Dragonfall Bazaar has been overrun by the Old Ones' army, with one merchant refusing to budge. However despite their power, Explodinators are quite tiny, roughly a tad bit smaller than a regular goblin though their presence can be known through rockets firing everywhere from them which are also very visible through sparks flaring from rockets flying and exploding. Maps - New. Daily Mission - Shiny and Chrome. We are a self-funded studio, which means we have the creative freedom to make At the start of a wave, you cannot attack the Demon Lord, but he will attack you. And after clearing all seven groups, you'll earn the seventh Hyper Shard as a capstone reward. I relied heavily on Flamethrowers and PDTs early on and ground C1 a lot to gain ascension and shards. Area 3 consists of the last levels of the original campaign. They do not get separate mutators from the lane they spawn in. As play commences on the first wave, the ground spawns will all commence with their schedules and the air lanes will produce a set number of Altar Assassins each wave. It's important to take down primary targets with your dps. A 3rd air lane is added on the north end of the map (Birch Path - above Ruin Cave lane). Whirlwind is a powerful persistent AOE damage ability that gains different abilities based on the primary active stance. As play commences on the first wave, the ground spawns will also intermittently produce Dark Prophets (an enlarged version of a Warboar, with light grey skin flair) on random lanes, but usually a different one each time cycling through the 4 ground lanes. Sturgis the Falconer spawns on Wave 5 as a Lady Orc. Once the debuff timer is up, the Demon Lord will rise up again, and you will need to get another lava ball and stun him again. After a Dark Realm Statue miniboss has been summoned and defeated, the the Altar Assassins can then be damaged. If you have Crit chance maxed marks could serve you well until you have found Power transfer shards. Dreadbones as well. He charges forward quickly once he spawns. The Wave after a Sub Objective is destroyed will spawn. The Bonus Maps consist of all maps in the Campaign Menu that are not in the original campaign. Once Wave 1 is over, repeat the whole process over again on each remaining wave. All normal minibosses may spawn. These hyper shards are identical to the ones earned from Mastery, meaning you'll be able to have two sets of them when you complete both Mastery and Prime Incursions. Be the witness to their end! The new enemies include the following. However, he must first fall down in range to be hit, and you cannot do any damage to him until his health bar shows up on the top of the screen. This is a Hero debuff that you can acquire by having your hero touch it. Check.GameZoneA bigger, better, more refined take on the original concept from what Ive seen, following their hearts is already paying dividends, and I cant wait to play more Dungeon Defenders 2.IGNOther than The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, I can't think of a game that looks more like an honest-to-god cartoon.PC Gamer. Before you use the loaded catapult, jump onto it. Gold is hidden around the stage and it is also dropped from a new miniboss called the Golden Crystal Beast. After completing the Campaign, players should make their way over to Adventures, followed by Expeditions. Raven's Claw staff, Iron Reaper sword, Bow O'Lantern bow & Wailing Glaive polearm. There are two types of Objectives for Heroes to be concerned with. The new miniboss is the Yeti. Waves 1, 3, and 5 have infinite building timers, however Waves 2 and 4 start automatically after 30 seconds unless you ready-up before then. If you sell a defense before it disappears, you get the mana back. The lava balls he throws at you can also snap you out of a jump animation, and can cause you to fall to your death if you are over a lava pool when you are hit by one. The Frost Goblin Bomber, which is a frost skin version of a Goblin Bomber, who uses bombs from range. Maldonis will do an animation, and then somewhere on the map, a small green area on the ground will light up, and that small area will then be a Death Mark for the rest of that wave. They do not damage defenses or cores. However, it is best to not use all Defense Units for spawn camping as you'll also need to allocate some defenses around the crystal core to defend it from enemies unleashed from Jester Boxes which are spawned from areas that spawn-camped defenses won't be able to reach. On wave 5, the Horde lane will change to 39 Kobolds and 140 mini-Quiblys. Sub Objectives have the highest target priority for the. What makes this incursion unique are the Death Marks that Maldonis summons throughout each wave, placed randomly on the map. You can spam this blockade and build many of them in every lane as a way to block enemies. The Ogre spawns are delayed to be spread out. Rest. You will not lose the debuff when you vanquish a mark, so you can eliminate as many Death Marks as you can touch in the 45 second time frame. In the Southeast part of the map, the Subcore is called the Holy Artifact. The Knights do not damage the crystal very much, but several Knights can multiply the effect, so keep an eye on them. The Ritual Item debuff has no timer, but if you switch heroes or die, it will be lost. Once all 4 are the same color, approach any of the 4 altars to receive a color debuff, as shown on the screen as an attack symbol in the color of the altar, and it will last 45 seconds. One respawn point is on the deck of the ship, right next to the main mast and right next to the main Crystals, so be ready to defend that possibility or he will quickly end the map. Also on Wave 5, 2 Ogres will spawn from the 2 lanes on either side of Malthius. Sub Objectives and the extra spawn points they open are fixed for each map and wont change. I am lost what to do I am just stuck unable to progress for 3 days now. Dreadbones respawns after being defeated will increase as the wave count increases. When the ritual is activated, the entire altar area is covered in a purple glow. Each of these minibosses will drop one gold nugget. Chilled status causes attack speed to drop, and can stack all the way to zero speed, at which point your Hero will become Frozen, and can be killed by the next attack. Ancient Mines. Release . Groups are separated by small packs of 3-6 mini-Quiblys. It spawns randomly from either air spawn point, and it can be seen on the schedule before the wave starts. Steiner the Hunter spawns on Wave 4 as an Orc. Challenge Collection - Exorcist. In that room, there is a hallway on the side that leads up some stairs to a long rampart that oversees most of the map. Maldonis continues to summon marks as long as play continues on each wave, and the frequency of the summons increases on each wave. Main Objectives have the highest target priority for the. Chaos One enemies have hefty defenses against projectile attacks, so unless you have Piercing MODs on your Relics, try using AOE based attacks such as auras, traps, and nodes. You cannot do this from the air or on an elevated surface. To activate the Ritual, you must interact with the coffin. On either side of each exit inside the lower level, you will find an altar with a sword, with 4 total altars. No icon on the screen or minimap appears before he spawns, and when he does spawn his miniboss and screen icon will be visible as a normal miniboss would appear. not have your crystal get damaged. This is where you'll spend any time not in battle to sell, buy, manage, trade, tinker and test any gear you've found in combat. The second main gimmick of this incursion features a boss wave. . A cart transporting an Eternia Crystal has collapsed outside of the gates of Dragonfall. The Horde lane will consist of large numbers of three enemy types - Kobolds (Tier 2 - skate version), mini versions of Quibly, and mini versions of Griblok. The rockets are very deadly as they could result in a one hit death to a hero. Be mindful not to let the Subcore go down if you can, so that you are not facing 4 ground lanes then. Cyborks will target auras, nodes, and traps but do not target towers. After completing the Campaign, players should make their way over to Adventures, followed by Expeditions . Lava Mines Content may include new maps, heroes, pets, weapons or costumes. The game plays significantly different from its . 3 spawn points are on the North end of map, in the front of each of the cottage doorways on the path that goes off to the East. So if you use EV2, you don't have to worry about what size you make your nodes. On Wave 4, 2 more auras are added (7 total) near the control crystals, at the bottom of each staircase. The dropped nuggets can stack on the ground in the same wave. After they spawn, they follow their air lane to the crystal, and then seek out the hero the rest of the wave. The Altar will be motionless and does not do anything at first. This is the first map you'll play on in Dungeon Defenders 2, it has 3 Waves. Are you using a medalion or mark in your Flamethrowers and PDT? Deaths on build phase or after the map is complete do not subtract from this total. To lead them away, just go stand anywhere else and wait for them to follow you. The only additional miniboss that spawns is Thorc. Etheria is broken down into playable maps to explore. To vanquish a Death Mark, have your hero walk anywhere on the ground inside a Death Mark while you have the Holy Aura, and it will then instantly disappear. Daily Mission - Isle of Dread. Click. Challenge Collection - Goblin B Gone. (?) It is available as soon as you complete the Campaign . Chromatic Games Wave 5: The Eye of Cthulhu - The final wave is a Boss round and enemies will infinitely spawn until the Boss is defeated, which will then end the stage immediately. Marks can overlap, and do only minor damage. Challenge Collection - Martyrdom Denied. All Knights on the map will vanish when the wave ends. Furthermore, they are also rolled with curated "fan-favorites" shot/swing types and M.O.D.S. On Wave 1, only 1 aura is present, on the north double lane right where the two upper staircases end. Incursion weapons are Legendary rarity weapons that come with a unique locked Mod that can only be rerolled and cannot be replaced or transferred to other weapons. Once you lower his health by that much, that wave will end. Frost enemies will take double damage from any flame element attacks. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is a cooperative Action RPG/Tower Defense game that brings loot, leveling, pets, and character customization to a legendary 4 player co-op experience. Dark Assassins can still attach to you, and you can still not jump through Altar Assassins, but you will take no damage from any enemy attacks. Gold is also dropped by special minibosses that constantly spawn from lanes called Golden Crystal Beasts (a large gold flair Witherbeast). Challenge Collection - Bore Witness. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. Gold can be found in 12 or so hidden locations on the map (see the map beside), of which about 2-4 are generated at the beginning of the wave at random and a couple more nuggets will generate as the stage progresses. This gets fully healed at the start of each build phase. The Outcast Summoner The Outcast Summoner, One of the [], DEFENDERS, Its finally here! Daily Mission - Griblok's Demise. Staggering Shout causes enemies to take more damage and Whirlwind gains chain storm damage. which are mini eyeballs that tracks and attack only the hero. If you decide to build in a turtle strategy, then these spawn points might not be a problem. The Boss is The Eye of Cthulhu which is a giant eyeball that's also a unique enemy from Terraria alongside Demon Eyes. DEFENDERS, The long awaited Episode 2 Part 1 update has finally arrived! Dreadbones will respawn from that point in the next wave. All dropped, held, and hidden gold nuggets will vanish at the end of each wave. Sub Objectives are marked on the mini-map with a Grey Shield Icon. Challenge Collection - Cake Eater. You'll see some new maps, new challenges, new projectiles (have we mentioned GOATS? We are truly a spectrum of energy, excitement, and diversity and that is why "We Are Chromatic". Wave Requirements to clear each wave: Wave 1) 7 nuggets in 245 seconds; Waves 2-4) 9 nuggets in 270 seconds; Wave 5) 10 nuggets in 300 seconds. A map can be found beside to show the secret spawn points. Uploaded: 18 Jun 2012 . Special Weapon Reward - Tsunamic (Chlorophyte) (Chance from Victory Chest or unlocked to be purchased from the Wayfarer.). Area 2 consists of levels 5-8 of the original campaign. Stop the ritual and purge the evil spirits. Dragonfall Bazaar. They are also susceptible to stun attacks, so after they latch on, just stand in front of or near any defense that stuns to remove them. This is why you want to stand on the catapult, as it will launch you at the Demon Lord, and put you quickly within range. Each map awards a certain amount of Defender Medals, Gold, XP and Score. A small force has broken through the Dragonfall defenses and is making their way towards the Ramparts. We Are Chromatic. The main strategy is to delay the miniboss from getting to the core as much as possible with crowd control effects or blockades while your defenses or hero does the dps. Each air lane has up to three different types of enemies (Wyverns, Flying Kobolds, and Lightning Bugs). Breaks the old DD heart to witness what the sequel is like atm. You will then need to collect 4 more Ritual Items to summon it once again. EV2 Reflect Beams fire constantly at a fixed rate, no matter what size the beam is, and the node only travels along the bottom of the beam. These are the maps playable within Dungeon Defenders, along with their Challenges . All spawned enemies will also have a silver-ish chromed look. This gets fully healed at the start of each build phase. The Knights are not shown on the mini-map, but are represented on the actual map by a skull and crossbones icon of the same color that they are. 4 out of 5 stars from 284 reviews 284. Welcome to the Dungeon Defenders II Wiki This wiki is about the game titled "Dungeon Defenders II", made by Trendy Entertainment. Challenge Collection - Game Warden. This Kobold Fliers variant are quite the scarier version of their regular counterpart pretty much because they are extremely easier to be aggroed from further distance and these fliers are much faster in diving to their target too. [], DEFENDERS, As promised, were excited to show you all the latest additions and changes for Dungeon Defenders II in the Going Wild West Update! Keeping Sub Objectives alive til the end of the map will yield bonus experience. Contents 1 Gameplay Structure 1.1 Build Phase 1.2 Combat Phase 1.3 Boss Fight 2 Rewards 3 Notes 4 See Also Gameplay Structure They move slow, and their attacks also push your hero slightly, moving them. All items (1) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other A Area 2 Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. They do not latch onto the hero, like Dark Assassins do. While no Frostdale campaign mission exists in the Vanilla edition of Dungeon Defenders, one was introduced in Redux as Winter Wonderland 2 . Each wave ends when the total amount of scheduled enemies are destroyed, and there is no requirement to cleanse any knights. Challenge Collection - Got Dat Swagga. Cleanse these spirits from the catacombs to keep these crystal safe. Having a high hero HP value is also advantageous to surviving their attacks. Chaos six enemies add Hex Throwers to schedules. The mark only does damage if you are standing on the ground, and does not affect those who are standing on elevated objects within the mark or those in the air above one. Dungeon Defenders II (or DD2) is the first sequel to Dungeon Defenders, released on June 20, 2017. Once the 4th Ritual Item is placed, all other Ritual Items currently on the map or in the possession of a hero will disappear, although more may spawn after this event as Dark Prophets continue to spawn. 1 will spawn on Wave 2, 2 on Waves 3 and 4, and 3 will spawn on Wave 5. They will also be invulnerable during build phase but any damage sustained during the last combat phase will carry over to the next combat phase. You can interact with this flask to receive a blue potion debuff and gain invulnerability for 20 seconds. Same for your hero, if you attack any enemy with this shield active, you will lose a life. To cleanse the Knight, simply place your hero inside of that circle, or jump into the Knight, while you have a debuff that matches the same color. 1.) Key to maximizing XP is 1.) There is no need to use any crowd control abilities on this stage, as they will not work here. This carnival-themed challenge adds plenty of extra activities to the normal mix of defending. When you collect the Ritual Item by touching it, it will disappear and then show as a light grey debuff icon on your screen, and your hero will glow purple. The lane they spawn on will blink red, and you can see them on the schedule. Also found in the hallway on the North and South ends are a single bell (Known as Assassin's Bell) in both locations. Juicy's videos. you can find lots of good info in his videos. click on that link for best results. To increase your score, check the Score Multipliers. Santa Hat Login Reward Starting between now and January 5th, 2023 if you login in on any platform you'll be rewarded a Santa Hat transmog to help you celebrate the season! Deeper Well (Hard Mode, Hardcore)- In theory makes a level 0 hero go to level 13 in one run. There are 7 different spots that Jester Boxes can appear during the start of the combat phase. These are the maps playable within Dungeon Defenders, along with their Challenges. Dryad Trees do not ever disappear, so that all Dryad defenses can be used. There are red and purple auras that heal enemy units at a rate of 100% every 1 second. It is also possible to use full-on turtle strategies around the crystal core but a good amount of crowd control effects will be required to mitigate the risk of Kobolts being agrroed to the core. Cheers :) Sign in to add your own tags to this product. Challenge Collection - Wyvern Detractor. Maps - New. Last Update: 22 Jun 2012. . You'll start in The Private Tavern or in The Heroes Marketplace, the outdoor HUB. What makes this incursion unique are the enemy healing marks placed on the map. This is a unique miniboss to the game, and can spawn as a miniboss in other game modes. 3 will spawn on Wave 5. Trendy Entertainment the Trendy Entertainment logo Dungeon Defenders II and the Dungeon Defenders II logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Trendy Entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. If you need to protect a defense against them, the best way is to use EV2's Reflect beam. They have no effect on the hero or your defenses. This update brings a brand new map to the Dungeon Defenders universe as well as some QoL features that have been requested. Daily Mission - Overly Enthusiastic. I heavily used GW for broomnado and book drop for CC on early maps but concussive shot is also great for crowd control. Main Objectives have the highest target priority for the. If you're building in a spread out way or even spawn-camping, while there are chokepoints which are very useful, always make sure to allocate some defense to take care of those spawn points that doesn't lead to a chokepoint since they can occasionally be deadly if left unchecked. the products that our players have been asking for. Wizards! Daily Mission - Return of the Wizard. The Campaign introduces the player to Dungeon Defenders 2. The key to this map is to counter Cyborks in each lane and having plenty of air defenses against the large amount of fliers that will come from 3 directions. During each wave, right before Capt. This incursion also introduces a new miniboss, the Bastille Master. A pack of Chrome-sprayed enemies have mistaken the ruins for Valhalla! Having a Sub Objective get destroyed does not end the map. Each wave starting with wave 2, a poacher will appear on a random lane. Dungeon Defenders II is set in the fictional world of Etheria. Each map is an arena with set enemy spawners and objectives to defend. Level 3 - 5. Set one up in front of the defense you want to protect, with about one hero length away from it as the spears they throw penetrate the shield slightly and will hit your defense if it is placed too close. DD2 takes place five years after the events of DD1. A completely custom map created for 2-6 players for the Dungeon Defenders Mapping Contest. Once you have a Ritual Item debuff, give it to the altar by touching the coffin anywhere with your hero. There are also stage mechanics that have been added to this incursion to assist you. Each map awards a certain amount of Defender Medals, Gold, XP and Score. Dungeon Defenders II is set in the fictional world of Etheria. If you approach the catapult while you have the lava ball debuff, the debuff will be removed from you and a lava ball will then become loaded onto the catapult for use.

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