Waterproofing System  

For roofs, reservoirs, bridge decks, basement, gutters, swimming pools, tunnels, terrace using either surface treatment chemical impregnation or membrane system.

Chemical Injection System  

Using high pressure chemical injection to seal water leakage, seepage or filling of large voids such as cracks of rocks fissure, crushed fault, gravel layer, joint of cracks in concrete structures

Structural Repairs 

To strengthen damaged concrete or masonry using either expoxy mortar, polymer modified mortar, or resin injection


Diamond Coring & Diamond Sawing

To core structural openings for M & E service ducts, pipe inlets, cable opening, etc.


Soil Settlement System  

To pressure grout cement mixed with grout to stabilize the soil and install starter bar as reinforcement to the settlement

Floor Coating

Grouting Works