I have been raising rabbits for over 20 years. . We have some awesome californian breeding trios for sale right now some of the best that we have ever had available. Please login to manage saved searches ads. Here is a link to the story: Grand Champion Rabbits. The best place to buy meat rabbits is from a local breeder. In 2011 there were about 30 Californian rabbits in New Zealand. Dutch female is 3 years old White meat rabbit is FIXED and about 5 years old Would make GREAT Easter gifts!!! He would come with a cage, food, water, etc necessities! They are also popular in show circles due to their beautiful white coat and calm, gentle temperament. All black w/gray speckles. California 95423 Rabbit Breed(s): Californian Looking to purchase 2 to 3 californian does. February 13, 2022 5:01 am. Variety of ages available. Registered with the ARBA and the NSFA and are happy to answer any questions about this awesome breed. Female Californian/Flemish cross. We are still in the process of choosing which rabbits are for sale and which ones we have space to keep. . (If you would like to help breeders not only increase Californian numbers, but help get this appealing looking rabbit back up to its commercial weight, contact the Rabbit Council of New Zealand, P O Box 56-285, Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland. In conclusion, the Californian rabbit is a large, sturdy breed that is known for its beautiful white coat, calm temperament, and intelligence. 30 each. You will need to come pick them up from us. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Rabbit breeds: American Rex, New Zealand, Holland lops and Netherland dwarfs. 8 California X Large White Rabbits 8 weeks old $50 each if interested call me on or message me via text thanks. Activity - Low. It was first brought to the UK from the United States in the 1950s.These are very popular in the commercial rabbit breeding industry. Can process for dog food for an additional fee. Breeder pricing is $60 each buck or doe regardless of age, without pedigree. gjcuciz@att.net. Check for availability .. Californian Rabbits raised for the Travis County Youth Fair. Next, contact some breeders to see if they have what you are looking for. No processed food. They were born on 1-27-2023 and will be . The directory lists rabbitries and rabbit farms in the United States and Canada. $50. Also for sale, Californian X New Zealand Grey's, and some 5 month old Californian's. Please call or text me. We also have private bunny therapy/tour sessions available. American, Florida White, Mixed Breed, New Zealand, Rex (Standard), Argent Brun, New Zealand, TAMUK Composite, Californian, Mixed Breed, New Zealand, Silver Fox. Holland Lop. Pick up only, Santa Ana CA California 95423 Rabbit Breed(s): Californian Looking to purchase 2 to . We raise a variety of stock ranging from our meat mutt herd to our pedigreed Silver Foxes and soon to be Champagne d'Argents. On February 29, 2020 I bought two young Californian meat rabbits. Californian Age: 6 years Mixed. A doe and a buck but they are read more, Seller Name: Darlene Haselden Location: Bakersfield, CA Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand Whites and Californians, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex We have p read more, Seller Name: Darrell Harrington Location: Murfreesboro, Tn Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand and Californian I have for sale REW New Zealand that will read more, Seller Name: Darlene Haselden Location: Bakersfield, Ca Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand Whites, Californian, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex End of breedi read more, Seller Name: Clifford Wilhelm Location: Lakeport, California 95423 Rabbit Breed(s): Californian Looking to purchase 2 to 3 californian does. Please contact me at xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx .Buy Now, This bunny is very sweet and very kind to any age but has sharp nails that can be easily token or be clipped and this bunny never gave us any problem and will come with food.Buy Now, Baby Bunnies will be ready for Christmas. Californians are a popular breed for both meat and show, and they excel in both areas. Summary: Breed - Holland Lop They are calm, docile rabbits with commercial body type. Click on rabbitry names to contact breeders. Californian rabbits for sale:, Seller Name: Lisa Westering Location: Manson, Iowa Rabbit Breed(s): Californian Purebred Californian . The Bunny Smith Rabbitry is a small, family-run operation in San Diego. Feel free to ask us on our Rabbit Breeders Facebook Page. Meat Rabbit Buyer List. By accepting, you agree to the use of cookies. I have 4 New Zealand x Californian rabbits (1/4 Californian 3/4 NZ) I believe there are 2 does and 2 buck but I will have to double check. We do still have a few February rabbits for sale however most of them have already been reserved. We recently acquired nine more New Zealands and Chinchillas and gearing up for a prolific Spring and Summer! Name * . Location: Anaheim, CA. I have several different types of pet & meat rabbits available. Details. Picture of Previous litter, same bloodline 12 months ago; itgrlinmidtn; Missouri, United States; Pedigree Californian rabbits from champion bloodlines. We have several californian bunnies for sale (about 1 month old). Californian/ New Zealand Rabbits - $10 (Terra Bella) - 6759446658. Bunny Rabbits need homes! Our texas based rabbitry began in the year 2006 and has continued to grow ever since. We are a small-scale farm located in central Alabama in the town of Empire. I have 5 full blood californian rabbits about 3 mo.old for sale for 25.00 each Posted 1-10-2010. We have raised rabbits since I was a little girl. Find meat rabbits for sale in the United States and Canada on our Meat Rabbit Breeder Directory. Californian Rabbits Breeding Pair & Trio For Sale. Please add a link to Homestead Rabbits (https://homesteadrabbits.com/) somewhere on your Facebook page or website. 2 intact males and females. Californian rabbits typically weigh between eight to 11 pounds when fully grown. asking $60 each. USA1535129816 February 12, 2023 Rabbits. Asking 20$. Theres a steep learning curve when it comes to raising rabbits it really pays to do your homework first. Find heritage breed meat rabbits for sale on our Meat Rabbit Breeder Directory. Our herd produces castor, chinchilla, magpie, tricolor, harlequin, red, and dilutes such as amber, opal, and fawn. Can be processed into dog food for an additional fee. Three Black one BlueView Detail, In riverside ca pick up only $5.00 white / black / brown / mixView Detail, White bunny with red eyes. member: pamspawsomepups area: Onaway, Michigan category: Californian, Rabbits . Fully Pedigreed and have ear tattoo. (Holland Lops, Lionheads, Netherlands Dwarfs). We currently have several californian rabbit bucks for sale. We have at least 40 californian rabbit does and bucks that were born in May and June for sale. I have few 2 months old baby bunnies and 5 months old bunnies Baby bunnies for sale not sure what breed they are sorry.Buy Now, California Rabbits Offering broad ranges from show quality to pet friendly and learning self sustaining on meat production. Need help to place your rabbit? 30 Californian Bunny Rabbits located in Covington, Kentucky. New Zealand - Californian - Dutch - Fluffy Mutts - Netherland Dwarfs - Bunny - Rabbits We have Full blood Californian and Californian/ New Zealand cross meat rabbits. California white/Rex rabbits. $60.00. Summary: Breed - Holland Lop French angora rabbits are a dual purpose breed raised for wool and meat. Small rabbitry in Central Virginia focused on fun and usefulness of everything rabbit. If you are interested in purchasing please give us a call at . Adult female Chinchillas are available upon requestView Detail. URGENT: This animal could be euthanized if not adopted soon. In addition to selling to 4-H and FFA students from Montgomery County we frequently sell to those from the San Jacinto and Walker county. I have 2 breeding ready California Flemish giant Cross buck 1 is 1 year old and the other.. Size - 10 to 22 pounds; 20 to 30 inches long. The Californian Rabbit breed, also known as the California white, is becoming more and more popular among rabbit owners. Breed and raise White New Zealand rabbits. We are registered with ARBA in Alpine, CA. Breeders are first come, first selection. Purebred Mini Holland Lops & Mixed Lion-head,New Zealand and dwarf Rabbit Breeds. We do not sell bred does or does and litters so do plan your project well if in a "breed your own" county. If so I highly recommend that you check out our best rabbit breeders directory to find breeders near you. We use cookies to ensure a smooth browsing experience. For those really determined Dallas and Austin TX may still be in reach. Brown rabbit is the mom. If you have chosen rabbits for your 4-H or FFA project whether . Local Bunny Adoption *Holland Lop Bunnies * Rabbits for Sale in California | USA Rabbit Breeders * Holland Lop Bunnies* Pet Rabbit Breeders in Southern California, Rabbits in . Im unsure of the genders .. Hey guys! Enter your state in the search box to find meat rabbit breeders near you. for m read more, Seller Name: ROBERT PAINE Location: KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FLORIDA Rabbit Breed(s): MINI LOP & CALIFORNIAN Small Rabbitry breeding pet and meat rab read more, Seller Name: Darrell Harrington Location: Murfreesboro, Tn Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand and Californian Have a proven 9 month Californian/Nzw buck read more, Seller Name: Darrell Harrington Location: Murfreesboro, Tn Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand/Californian cross Beautiful 5 week old weaned babies Eatin read more, Seller Name: Candace Spicer Location: St. John, Kansas Rabbit Breed(s): Californian/New Zealand I have six (6) female rabbits seven months old read more, Seller Name: Tony Gregory Location: Mt Gilead, OH Rabbit Breed(s): Californian and New Zealand White Rabbitry Website: Sliver Pond Home We are a m read more, Find Californian Rabbits for Sale using our Californian Rabbit Breeders List, Find Californian Rabbit Supplies for Sale using our online Californian Rabbit Supplies for Sale Classifieds, Here is a short list of resources for people looking to start raising californian rabbits. We offer breeds of rabbits from show quality to standard. $100. Find rabbits for sale in your area and get information on raising rabbits in california using our California Rabbit Breeders Classifieds. Wayfair.ca $148.16 $118.99 (opens in a new tab) NuWallpaper Cream . $15/hd. Ready to go around Oct 27. For a visual map to our house please visit the aarabbits contact page. They will be ready for their new homes this week. If you would wish to have these bunnies, be it as pets, for shows, meat or pelt, they are relatively easy to find owing to their higher . The rabbits currently are weighing around 3-5 pounds each (a few a little smaller). We have several mini rex bunnies looking for new homes$15-$25 (Newton, Iowa) Right now you would have a great selection of stock to choose from so I recommend that if you are interested please give us a call, at least to reserve your rabbits. Ill provide you with a water bottle and a small bag of pellets.Buy Now, I have 2 breeding ready California Flemish giant Cross buck 1 is 1 year old and the other is 1.5 years old also have a 16 week old buck Rex Flemish giant Cross located in Springfield Missouri price is $30 each 2 for $50 3 for $60Buy Now, Female Californian/Flemish cross. Rare or heritage breed meat rabbits sell for about $50 each. Healthy pure bred bunny meat Rabbits for sale @ $25. Large meat rabbits. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Offering broad ranges from show quality to pet friendly and learning self sustaining on meat production. I like easy handling rabbits. 28 Californian Rabbits for Sale Grand-Praire, Texas. (A map to help you locate Willis, Texas in shown on our contact page), Our rabbits have done very well at meat pen competitions, in fact one of our pens made Grand Champion at the 2010 Montgomery County Fair! Have comments or questions regarding this california rabbit classifieds page about rabbits for sale in california? Near Chippenham Read more >>. Description. Sliver Pond Farm. 2 x California cross females 22 weeks. east TX for sale "rabbits" - craigslist. Double Maned Lionhead Babies in the Nest. Commercial breeds (such as New Zealands and Californians) usually sell for $20-$40 each, depending on quality. Before purchase, inspect rabbits for signs of good health. Megan B. 12 available now, more litters coming. 20 each,3 or Champagne d'Argent rabbits - 75 . Please note that we can not ship our rabbits. The crosses are black, charcoal, and white.Buy Now, I have few 2 months old baby bunnies and 5 months old bunnies.View Detail, California Rabbits Price is negotiable if buying more than one. All potentialbreeders are screened based on Californian breed standard and are typically of show quality. One of our rabbit meat pens made Grand Champion at the Montgomery County fair. Currently available varieties: Amber, Black, Black Self Chinchilla, Castor, Dalmatian, Ermine, Fawn, Harlequin, Lilac Agouti, Magpie, Opal, Otter, Red, REW, Broken. Have both does and bucks available. Bucks occasionally are intimidated by doe size at younger ages and will not perform. Check for availability These adorable little babies were born February 19, they re older siblings are really friendly and I m expecting these one to be the same! 1987 Topps Roger Rabbit Trading Cards - Sealed Wax Packs $3.50 Our rabbits are spoiled as they are all part of the family, even those that are going to a new home. These are pure bread show rabbits. Great for starting your own breeding program or even as pets. Californian, Rabbits member for: 7 years listing updated: a day ago Broken blue new . Also be sure to click the like button below if you found this rabbit classifieds page useful. These bucks would be excellent breeding stock for someone looking to improve their herd, start raising rabbits for meat or buy for FFA- 4H breeding stock. Copyright 2021. Their white coat is thick and glossy, and they have red eyes. If you are willing to drive about two hours in order to buy quality rabbits Livingston, Beaumont and Galveston Texas are also within driving range. Most of these bucks were born in May- June and are currently weighing between 6 and 7 pounds each. Californian Wolfe California show rabbits We are a family owned business 60 miles east of Omaha off highway 34. Our breeding rabbits and the kits are handled daily so that they have human contact and overall wellness checks. Male/Female. What's app me for appointments with name, age and when looking for. , Rabbits for Sale in California I've been raising rabbits since I was a teenand that's been a while. Appearance - Hanging ears, short round nose, short muscular body. Our colony style housing provides our rabbits a more natural environment than cage systems. Born May 11 will be available for new home June 29. If you dont find any local listings below, be sure to check out our Californian Rabbit Breeders page. "Faithful stewardship as a faith-driven farm, we believe we are to be found faithful in honoring our Creator's intended design. Price - $100 I personally started raising rabbits after getting involved in 4H. Our meat mutts are super healthy and free of defects. We raise meat rabbits. So if you are interested in this free service please click on the link below. These rabbits are house rabbits and ideally will go to someone who has the space for them. Heber City , UT | 19 Hours . information about rabbits and pictures and prices thanks!!!! Breed Judging. We have 20 rabbits and have bunnies available. Please contact me at xxxx.. Lots of people looking for meat rabbits there. Bucks occasionally are intimidated by doe size at younger ages and will not perform. We have been raising and showing rabbits since 1995. I am described as a female, white Shorthaired Rabbit. Hes used to a lot of noise, like loud noises and dogs. The Meat Rabbit Breeder Directory lists rabbitries in the United States and Canada. Pare.. Great meat pen and show table contenders! Ready for collection on 13.2.23. . Breeders are first come, first selection. HOLLAND LOP BUNNIES FOR CHRISTMAS WE SHIP. First, locate a reputable breeder. One of the great things about the breed is all the different colors they come in. 1 year old needs a good home. According to Rabbit Breeders, when full-grown, the Californian Rabbit weighs . 11/01/2023. Phone: (714) 809-1966 AKC European Doberman Puppies (ready to go home) $1,200. !11 Rabbit Type: California Location: edinburg, texas . Featured. Prices vary depending on age and or rabbit but costs are normally $20 nothing less. We are a pasture-based rabbitry striving to consistently produce 5 lb fryers by 8 weeks old. They are high quality bucks that would make excellent breeding stock for shows. for m. read more; PAINE'S HOMESTEAD RABBITRY:, Seller Name: ROBERT PAINE Location: KEYSTONE . . $20. Raising Californian rabbits on the central coast of California. We are dedicated to helping you find quality rabbits for sale in the great state of California and connect with local rabbit breeders. The Californian was initially bred from crosses between Chinchilla, Himalayan, and New Zealand rabbits in the 1920s, with the intent of creating a better commercial meat rabbit. frozen whole or quartered.Rabbit meat is a Meat rabbits between 8-12 weeks $2.50/lb live weight sold live good for raw dog food drop off only with scale in hand. We raise TAMUK composite rabbits for meat. URGENT: Animal could be euthanized soon. If youre just getting started, I invite you to check out our Meat Rabbit Quick Start Guide. On the directory, you can search for meat rabbits by breed or state. The price is $40 per male and $40 per female. Litters born August 16th will be available in October. They are also intelligent and can be trained to do tricks or to use a litter box. Bucks and Purebred Californian Rex kits Born January 8, they are friendly and cuddly little bunnies!! Fully weened eating and drinking on their own. This helps with search engine optimization and improves the views and ranking of both sites. Heritage rabbit breeds include American, Argent Brun, Beveren, Blanc de Hotot, Champagne dArgent, Cinnamon, Creme dArgent, Palomino, Standard Chinchilla, Silver Marten, Rex, and more. Pelican Point, WA. Im pretty sure there are 2 females and a male. Contact us to receive our rabbit care sheet and pickup protocol by email now, then take this time to get your set up ready so you can welcome more joy into your life.

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